Monday, September 4, 2017

The particle-like and quantum character of cognition

My book, 'The Science of Consciousness' had been published in 2015. Since that time, new methods that can investigate brain activities in vivo have verified many of the book's observations. For example, the brain has been found to be a self-organized physical system. A manuscript, 'Relationships between short and fast brain timescales,' proposes the particle-like and quantum character of consciousness for the first time in a scientific publication. The article has been published in Cognitive Neurodynamics, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal with coauthors, Arturo Tozzi from the University of North Texas and James Peters from the University of Manitoba. A short summary of the manuscript can be found below. 

Cognitive phenomena, as well as social activities, can be described by the laws of quantum mechanics; memories and decisions exhibit holographic organization. The origin of these observations might be found in the brain's operationThe brain is a closed, self-regulating system, where electric activities form oscillations with different timescales, leading to different functional and psychological outcomes. Nervous activities occurring at micro-levels can be projected to macro-levels. This means that higher scale brain activities have a counterpart in the lower level ones. Examining brain functions based on entropy, electrical activities form trajectories taking place on donut-like manifolds. Ideas and concepts might arise by combining different functional and anatomical structures of the brain. Duality, i.e., the equivalence of two seemingly different systems, characterizes spatiotemporal brain activities, independent of their inter- and intra-level relationships, strength, magnitude, and boundaries; thus, the physiological manifestations of consciousness are the outgrowth of the electric activities of the brain.

Read the whole article in Cognitive NeurodynamicsAcademia or ResearchGate.

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