Sunday, August 18, 2019

Emotional intelligence can predict the finish time of long-distance runners

Emotional stability is an important character trait for social relationships, career success, and overall wellbeing. Because genuine people learn and create meaning from every interaction, they can handle criticism and challenges. Just as energy flows from warmer to colder matter, more stable (less irritable), people tend to gather wisdom and understanding from every experience. It leads to the ability to engage, relate to others and situations via trust, and to find integrated solutions. Thus, the lack of impulsivity, emotional intelligence, goes a long way toward individual success and social cooperation. Having no regrets is an open mind that dares to attract help, and the humbleness to accept it. These flexible people adapt to opportunities with ease, even in the boardroom or on the trading floor (traders with a positive attitude and trust tend to make more money). Now scientists added one more activity that benefits from a well-balanced personality. Emotional intelligence can predict the finish time of long-distance runners.

In endurance tests, mentally stable people remain emotionally balanced when the going is difficult. For example, long-distance runners can press on and lead to a good race. A recent paper  from three psychologists in Italy, led by Enrico Rubaltelli of the University of Padova explored the links between Emotional intelligence and half-marathon performance. The research found that aside from technique and preparation, people with higher marks on this quality ran faster races.

Read the whole article in 'The Guardian'

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