Thursday, April 25, 2019

How to introduce order in your life

A regular daily feeding and walking schedule can effectively rehabilitate abused and neglected dogs. Creating an order powerfully eliminates stress for people also. Children thrive on the predictability and organization in their lives. Consolidating our daily, weekly schedule into a regular, predictable routine provides a reassuring balance. Breaking up big tasks into manageable steps and framing work with a deadline increases the likelihood of completion. Organizing tasks based on importance and urgency allows you to manage your workflow effectively. 

Because the mind projects expectations for the future by averaging the events and experiences, even without a detailed plan, it constructs action steps toward clear objectives. Becoming free of regrets, pains and mental chaos permits an optimal orientation to crystalize. Know your weaknesses. Some people have difficulty starting expansive projects; others have trouble streamlining or finishing them. Rain-in your shortcomings by maintaining a strict discipline throughout the project.

FINANCES  You are the center of your universe. Honor your unique position with your financial choices. Increase your access to time by getting services, gadgets that save time spent on mindless tasks. Empty entertainments are like empty calories; they leave you spent and scattered. Focusing instead on experiences of beauty, learning, happiness, and joy improves your mental strength, patience, and persistence.

Our financial security greatly influences our attitude toward money. As starvation creates an insatiable appetite for food, a constant lack generates emotional mass, a hunger for control and difficulty to part with clutter. Penny-pinching also reinforces a mindset of scarcity. Searching for coupons, deals and garage sales generates aimlessness and lack of focus.

Confident about their welfare, the wealthy have a greater appreciation for the quality of life, by choosing vacations and entertainments. Their relaxed attitude encourages choices toward well-being and wealth, whereas the poor are locked in an endless struggle for survival.

Paying attention to small details allows big ideas to succeed. 

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