Monday, July 2, 2018

Introducing a new physical worldview: 'The Science of Consciousness'

The 2015 book, The Science of Consciousness, has offered a new hypothesis about the physical world. The idea is congruent with the hope of ancient traditions that there is an organic unity of existence. Yet science has shown our world as mechanical and disconnected until now. A synthesis of theoretical physics, evolution, and cognition, formulates an organically unified cosmos, in which particles of matter, the mind, and the whole cosmos fit together like Russian dolls. To understand particles is to understand the mind, and it is to understand the universe. Material interaction is the source of a cosmological evolution that increases complexity and culminates in the emergence of the intelligent mind. 

Written for a general audience as a practical guide for better living, the book, 'The Power of Emotions, How the Brain forms Attitude' uses simplified brain anatomy to place the discussion into context. It shows how the brain gives rise to consciousness and the mind. It offers a classification of emotions as the emotional equivalents of elementary forces, and it explains how emotions govern individual behavior. It shows the foundation of social behavior in emotional interactions. Finally, based on the understanding of emotions and social behavior, it gives a series of suggestions on how to achieve intellectual excellence. Utilizing cohesive descriptions, grounded in detailed neuroscience background, it offers practical tools for mental transformation, success, and happiness. The book’s unique viewpoint gives a novel perspective on emotions and how it plays a role in regulating our social environment. This makes it possible to recognize people’s motivation and inner lives better, giving a better ability to become a positive force in society. The explanations of the ideas are enhanced by over thirty black and white illustrations. Videos posted on the Author's YouTube channel facilitate understanding of some key concepts. Reserve your copy please click here. 

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