Monday, April 4, 2016

How to prepare for major life changes

Summitting Island Peak By Mountaineer

Mountain climbing is a sport that requires not only physical preparation but careful forethought and resilience as well. Getting appropriate gear is essential. Once on the mountain, every step needs to be negotiated carefully and crossing big boulders, hiatuses must occur in one jump, in the first try, because an unsuccessful attempt can be fatal. In addition, unsuccessful attempts tire the climber physically and mentally, dramatically increasing the chances of failure in subsequent attempts. This rule and pattern are also true for life, where big changes are difficult to execute and can be excruciating to adjust. Even positive events, such as carrier opportunities can throw an unprepared person off guard. Attempting to execute major transformations without proper preparation can force a person to fall back to where they have started, often saddled with remorse, skeptical environment, and emotional turmoil, leading to an eventual resignation. Careful preparation and forethought increase the chances of success and encourages a patience to wait for the right time to carry them out. Preparation includes, but not limited to, saving up money, mental or physical training or learning about the details of the planned change. Diligent preparation is the key to manage changes.

What are the steps of careful preparation? In the physical world movement in a straight line is rarely possible, for example, it is necessary to slow down when changing direction or taking a U-turn. Although in the abstract mental world there are no signposts, the challenges are fairly similar in the physical world. When there are blocks in the road, it might be necessary to slow down and change direction. Pushing forcefully toward one objective is tiring and rarely leads to a productive outcome. The best way to progress is to take advantage of the openings offered by life's events. The shortcut to success lies in taking suitable opportunities with courage, which requires the confidence coming from diligent preparation. There might be blind alleys or dead ends, but a well-prepared traveler is patient to wait for the best weather conditions and chooses safe paths. When opportunity knocks, he charges ahead without hesitation. 

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