Sunday, June 25, 2017

New, non-invasive treatment for brain diseases

The best current treatment for Parkinson's disease is deep brain stimulation, achieved by implanted electrodes deep within brain tissue. Brain stimulation was summarized in my earlier blog. The risk of operation makes this procedure a last resort in most cases. In addition, the difficulty to find the proper target site in the brain makes the success rate of this medical procedure poor.

For this reason, a new method, which applies high frequency brain stimulation without immediate physiological effect, is being considered. When two, slightly different and overlapping high frequencies were administered at the anatomical target site, their net effect is a new, subtracted frequency. The new method, which can be applied without surgery, eliminates operative and post operative risks. Moreover, the target site can be modified fluidly any time in order to achieve optimal effects. The new method is being considered for Parkinson's disease, but it might be useful for other brain conditions also. 

Drawback? You cannot ask your doctor for the procedure yet, because so far it has only been applied in animals. Furthermore, the treatment is not available as a small device either. As of now, you cannot take your 'treatment cap' on the road just yet. Read the whole article.

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