Monday, October 5, 2015

The Science of Consciousness, a hypothesis

'The Science of Consciousness' details the first scientific synthesis of theoretical physics, cosmology, consciousness, and evolution. The idea of the universe's organic unity has started with an intuition about gravity. What does gravity have to do with consciousness? It is a fascinating and twisted story that goes back six years from the idea's conception to the book's publication in 2015.

Gravity is the most elemental force in the universe. No place can be insulated from it: it transverses space as it forms its very fabric. Gravity appears to pull us toward the Earth, but it results from two opposing forces, which operate like a seesaw between gravity and anti-gravity. The closer we are to the center point on the seesaw, the smaller the force is. This is why flying out into free space reduces gravity until it seems to disappear altogether. Thus, gravity 'free' space is gravity neutral. 

Shockingly, our emotional attachments operate similarly over time. Emotional attachments to loved ones and even things make losses so painful; the emotional difficulty of separation is due to emotional gravity. Just as gravity gets weaker with increasing distance, time heals the pain of loss. Recognizing the analogy between these seemingly different phenomena formed my first intuition, which grew into an overarching hypothesis through diligent study and work. The fundamental knowledge base is as wide as an ocean: theoretical physics, neurology, physiology, cosmology, evolutionary biology, economy, sociology, and everything else that seems to provide an answer for the pressing questions I had. During all this time, the original intuition has not changed. The hypothesis, supported by contemporary scientific research, grew into an encompassing whole with intricate details.

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