Monday, December 14, 2015

The most basic force of the universe: understanding gravity

The understanding of gravity is sorely insufficient. General relativity introduced the spacetime, a four dimensional unified field on which every change would occur. Although Einstein's theory is mathematically elegant, the difficulty of field equations slowed progress; a hundred years on, solutions with practical utility are still sorely missing. The subordination of time as a minor, fourth dimension to space discounts the essential differences between these fundamental fields of cosmos. For example space can be navigated at will, whereas time is largely irreversible. It requires energy to move in space, but time's irresistible flow ages even if we are standing still. These and other differences make time and space incompatible quantities and turns spacetime a faulty concept in physics.

The Standard Model, the most widely accepted theory in physics, neither explains dark energy or dark matter nor does it incorporate gravity. The book, The Science of Consciousness introduces a congruent hypothesis and a coherent explanation for the above problems. In this power point presentation the author, Eva Deli uses simple language to outline these difficult concepts. I apologize for the poor quality of the video.

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