Monday, August 31, 2015

A new understanding of space and time

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The concept of spacetime is tightly connected to Einstein general relativity. Although it was supposed to simplify the description and mathematical treatment of the universe, Einstein's field equations have remained intractable for over a hundred years. In spacetime, time is considered a fourth, minor dimension to space. But time is mostly irreversible, whereas space can be navigated at will. To change spatial coordinates, we have to invest energy, whereas time moves on even if we stay in one space. These differences illustrate how different the manifestations of pace and time are. Space and time occupy fundamentally separate dimensions, as time emerges from micro dimensions, and space forms our macro-dimensional world.

Some of the latest research demonstrates that the universe is static toward the outside, time evolution is limited to internal constituents of the cosmos, which experience time evolution by entanglement. Landauer's principle recognizes a thermodynamic connection between energy and information. Erasing information frees heat. Therefore information enrichment generates heat and energy accumulation corresponds to a cooling effect. As energy and information separate via entanglement, information accumulation would form a heated, compacted region, called the black hole. In black holes, time expands into infinity. Due to the principle of static time, entanglement also accumulates energy and forms cold, expanded space, called white holes. White holes are the time zero of the universe. Time increases in proportion with information accumulation, whereas space gradually contracts. The opposing dynamics between the poles leads to a spatial expansion in the white holes known as dark energy, and it compacts space to form black holes. This new view of space and time has far-reaching consequences for many fields of sciences, even evolution and the understanding of consciousness.

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