Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Emotional fluorescence is known as passive aggression

Relationships are complicated. Problems pull the partners in different directions, testing trust and commitment. When conflicts accumulate, their dark energy can unleash an unexpected emotional storm. What is the explanation for such fury?

In atoms, incoming photons can temporarily increase bound electrons' energy, causing them to jump into an unstable, higher orbit. After some delay, the particle radiates out the absorbed energy and returns to its primary state. When the released energy takes the form of visible light, the phenomenon is called fluorescence. The process is not limited to inanimate matter. Living creatures, jellyfish, and hundreds of other marine animals can display this fascinating ability thanks to fluorescent proteins in their bodies. Here I will show that passive aggression is analog to fluorescence, which transmits emotional energy between people (and animals). 

In materials, fluorescence occurs with bound electrons. Similarly, emotional fluorescence requires a commitment to partnership, employment, or other loyalty. In the first step, adversity forms an energetically heightened mental state, which creates an emotional distance. The absorbed emotional energy can simmer under the surface for an extended period generating vignettes of past events and bitter memories. The aggravation constrictsonstrict mental focus, leading to a partial, judgmental vision. The constricted mind is searching for an excuse and an opportune moment to retaliate. 

The second step of emotional fluorescence, criticism, sarcasm, judgment, or innuendo projects out the excess negative energy. The mind and the focus relax into the present. Emotional fluorescence can operate between couples as a pendulum and move emotional energy back and forth in synchrony, identical to resonance fluorescence. Emotional fluorescence can also migrate from the presidential chair down the ranks until someone kicks an innocent dog.

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Picture credit: Fluorescence, by Hgrobe

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