Monday, May 12, 2014

Frequent conflicts with family members increase all cause of mortality later in life

Anger by David Shankbone

The book, The Science of Consciousness analyzes human behavior according to physical laws, based on the energy exchange. Stimulus unbalances the energy-neutral state of the brain and leads to emotions. Thus emotions reflect the continually changing energy balance of the brain and dictate behavior to recover an energy neutral, emotion-free state. Therefore positive and negative emotions reflect opposing energetic poles of the mind. Positive emotions increase mental energy, which is inner confidence, the ability to remain calm.
In contrast, negative emotions disperse mental energy into the environment and lead to insecurity. Although negative emotions often appear threatening, especially if they involve aggravation or physical violence. However, negative emotions indicate the weakness and desperation of an energy-poor state. Over time negative emotions and attitude lead to stress, fatigue, tiredness, and even health problems. The health effects of stress, anxiety and other adverse negative emotional states have been documented in numerous studies. Among the inverse health outcomes were cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, mental problems, such as depression and many others.

We are social beings. The positive energy of the environment, such as the loving circle of family and friends fuel confidence. Toxic relationships degrade trust, cause emotional, mental and health problems. Frequent arguments with partners, family members increase the incidence of death from all causes later in life. Men are especially vulnerable. As adults, it is within our power and responsibility to form a supportive social environment for our families.

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